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Educational Experiences & Activities

Educational Experiences 


The Land of Milk and Honey- Eretz Yisrael

Visit our Bee Tent and learn about the process of making honey and meet our friendly goats. Great photo opportunities!

Jewish Holidays & History

Discover Jewish holidays and life cycle events. See a timeline of Jewish history.

Enjoy Kids’ Zone

We are so excited to offer various learning experiences, inflatables, crafts, cotton candy, popcorn, and so much more at our Kids' Zone!

Go on a Sanctuary Tour & Ask the Rabbi

Temple Emanuel and its sanctuary are rich in symbolism and ancient traditions.  Enjoy a rabbi-led 30-minute tour to learn more about Jewish symbols and religion, and then get a chance to ask all of the questions that have left you wondering.

What is the symbolism of twelve windows in the sanctuary?

 Why is there an 18-foot stone wall on the bima (podium)?

The small light above the ark is always on.  Why?

What do the gold letters mean that run around the wall at the top of the sanctuary?  Why are two of the letters bigger than the others?

What are the pictures in the stained glass windows and what do they mean?

Israeli Dancing

Join us for Israeli Dancing 101!

Put a Message in the Wall

These messages will be taken to Jerusalem and placed in the Western Wall. All proceeds from this activity will go to the Greensboro Urban Ministry.

Meet Bible Characters

Miriam, King Solomon, Moses, Abraham, Rachel and Noah walk the festival grounds, dressed as they did five thousand years ago.

Would you like to ask Moses how he felt when he received the ten commandments? Wonder what it was like for Abraham to be told to sacrifice his own son Isaac? Get live on-the-spot answers to your questions! Enjoy great photo opportunities! 

Hebrew Names

Leave the festival with your name beautifully printed in Hebrew.

Learn more about Stand With Us

Visit our Stand With Us Tent and learn about modern day Israel.