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An event would not be Jewish without lots of fabulous food! Our volunteers have been cooking and baking delicious traditional Jewish foods and pastries. Israeli and Mediterranean dishes are on the menu, too!

All food can be purchased with tickets. Tickets can be purchased at any of the ticket booths, or from the walking ticket sellers. 1 ticket = $1.00

New this year! Skip the line and pre-order your deli sandwiches! Pre-Order your soup & KUGel and pick it up before the festival!

Corned Beef Sandwich
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Pastrami Sandwich
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Don’t want to carry around your frozen food during the festival? Frozen Quarts of Chicken Soup with Matzo Balls and frozen Noodle Kugel are available for pre-order and can be picked up at the Temple from Sunday, October 7 to Friday, October 19!

Chicken Soup with Matzo Balls
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Noodle Kugel
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Deli Sandwiches:

Pastrami Sandwich (On rye with a pickle spear, sauerkraut & condiments): 10 tickets 

Corned Beef Sandwich (On rye with a pickle spear, sauerkraut & condiments): 10 tickets 


Kosher Hot Dogs:

Kosher Hot Dog with chips: 4 tickets 

add sauerkraut: no charge 


Knishes & Kosher Pickles:

Square Potato Knish: 5 tickets

Round Potato & Onion Knish: 5 tickets

Whole Kosher Pickle: 2 tickets


Bagels (Plain or Everything) & Bialys:

with Cream Cheese: 4 tickets

with Cream Cheese and Lox: 8 tickets

add tomato and onion: no charge


Chicken Soup with Matzo Balls:

Bowl (served hot): 4 tickets

Quart (frozen to go): 8 tickets


Noodle Kugel:

Hot: 8 tickets

Frozen to go: 8 tickets


Falafel Sandwich (vegetarian):

Falafel, hummus, Israeli salad, and tahini with pita: 8 tickets


Baked Goods:

Hamentaschen (Fruit filled pastry served at Purim): 2 tickets

Macaroons (Cookie made from egg whites and coconut. Eaten at Passover): 2 tickets

Rugelach (Crescent shaped cookie filled with raisins and nuts): 2 tickets

Matzah Brittle (Matzah baked with caramel, chocolate and nuts): 2 tickets

Black and White Cookie: 3 tickets

Mandelbrot (Mandel Bread) (Twice baked cookie similar to biscotti): 3 tickets

Chocolate Babka (Yeast-based chocolate swirl cake with streusel topping)

Large: 10 tickets

Mini: 7 tickets

Fresh Baked Challah

Knots: 2 tickets

Small: 5 tickets

Large: 7 tickets


Kids’ Zone:

Popcorn: 3 tickets

Cotton Candy: 3 tickets



Bottled Water: 2 tickets

Dr. Brown’s Soda (Cream soda, black cherry, root beer, ginger ale, cel-ray): 2 tickets

Egg Cream: 3 tickets

Coffee (regular or decaf): 2 tickets

Hot Chocolate: 2 tickets

Hot Tea: 2 tickets

Preyer Brewing Company Beer: 5 tickets


Not sure what Mandelbrot is? Never heard of hamentaschen? Click here to learn about the foods that are traditional in so many Jewish homes.